To move forward in an interdependent, complex world companies need to understand and build on value created in many dimension. This ability of holistic value creation is interlaced with the future value of your company – your business beyond sustainability.

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IBX have tools to measure and manage, visualize and benchmark holistic value creation – giving insights on strategy and opportunities, to support owners, boards and executives in managing the long term value development.
Measuring and analyzing your business with the lens of IBX, we offer an insight report with your IBX score, the breakdown of the four key skills and how these indicate value created in relationship with the world around you – today and into the future.

The insight report draws publicly available data and interactions, and the as such the draws on information from relationships where value is created (or not). It provides your board, leaders and executives with benchmark information from the Swedish national market and your industry.
Building on the insight report, we offer dialogue with our experts to integrate this perspective to leverage the broad and ongoing work on sustainability into long-term strategy.

Tools to measure and lead business beyond sustainability

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How can our tools help you?

  • 1
    Comparability in a complex world – allows for context neutral, that is true comparability, without loosing the complexity afforded by your sustainability efforts
  • 2
    Measuring towards the future – measuring and managing today the key skills that will ensure that your company will be a force to be reckoned with into the future
  • 3
    Leading beyond sustainability – supports long-term decision making, moving beyond sustainability towards holistic value creation

How does our tools work?

Four core skills lead the way
Based in published research, conducted by Inter Business Initiative, we have developed tools to measure and analyze the core skills that indicate ability to create holistic value, now and into the future.

Purpose, System approach, Empathy, Transformation
Purpose is the company’s guiding north star, a key to understand value creation in the future.
System approach shows the ability to understand place, interconnectedness, possibilities and responsibility in both local and global systems.
Empathy represents the ability to feel with all people throughout the value-chain.
Transformation is about innovation, learning, resilience and creativity in a rapidly changing world.

Front Runners of Inter Business 2017

In an analysis of the 50 largest corporations in Sweden these are the ten front runners, levering the four core skills towards holistic value creation. The index is a collaboration with Inter Business Initiative.

Front Runners of Inter Business 2016

In an analysis of Scandinavian corporations, selected through a nomination network, these are the ten front runners of Inter Business.

The intelligence report provides a deeper dive into the results and implications of your company’s IBX score. It is a robust foundation to make the shift towards managing long-term ability of value creation, and strategic leadership based on this data.

Measuring skill levels in operations and internal interactions help operationalize long term strategies for holistic value creation, and provide an ear-to-the-ground management tool.


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